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Translink International

As the worlds energy is starting to go through changes in requirements, Translink International works not only to assist companies with new infrastructures and products in the evolving green energy developments, but also to assist the important requirements of locating and supplying the continuance of current energy resources necessary for industries and the private sector to maintain operations while the energy industry evolves. Translink International are also involved with assisting clients with new refinery constructions that will create energy byproducts such as Hydrogen. etc


Translink International and its professional partners work with their international associates in areas such as Asia, Africa, Europe.

Our expertise and overall services also encompass other specialised industries such as Commercial & General Aviation and Commercial & General Marine. Our highly skilled personnel have combined over ninety years of international experience in implementing  high value assets and infrastructures, engineering and brokerage negotiations, and the international implementation of energy productions.      

By working with our company you benefit from having a team who care about our clients needs to support their industries and help them grow. We are excited to work with new commodity suppliers, tech manufactures etc who discover cutting edge ways to introduce new material, commodities and engineering to our clients.


 Let us work closely and efficiently with you to fulfill your requirements.




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The services we supply to our clients are tailored around each client's requirements & needs with sole confidentiality. 

Some outline services we supply;

Locating specific products and assets, negotiating costs, supply, strategies, transport etc.  

Assisting the purchase of energy supply's,  locating energy product manufacturers.

Utilising  our overseas partners and agents when required to assist our clients requirements.

Introduce commercial financing agents to clients.    



TransLink International Ltd SEZC

Block 14BG, Parcel 23, 91 Strathvale House

90 North Church Street

George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1102

Cayman Islands

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